nutrition science - chemistry

Question by: Claire Wingrove

Oh and also, I don't currently have much of a background in chemistry and was just wondering if you did prior to undertaking the degree. Thanks so much again! 


nutrition science

Question by: Claire Wingrove

Hey Alex! I just saw you've completed a bachelor of food and nutrition science. Firstly, that's amazing! Secondly, I'm looking into studying that same course and I just wanted to know how you found it? Was it very science based? And if so, were the science aspects very challenging? Thank you so much :) 



Question by: maddison

Hi  Alex

i was wondering what you do for a fitness program

thanks Maddison


Fasted Exercise


Hi Alex,

If you exercise in the morning do you recommend doing so in a fasted state?

What is your routine?

I currently down a potein shake 15min before hand and then have breakfast afterward usually consisting of carbs, protein and plant foods.


Diet advice!

Question by: Ella

Hi Alex!

I was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease about two years ago, and my diet has been a big problem for me. I was told to have a low salt diet, but other than that i have no ide what else. I have been told so many different things that I should or that I need to be eating. I was wondering if you could give me an idea of some foods that I should include/take out of my diet! 

Thanks heaps! 


What do you eat and how much do you eat every week?

Question by: Brianna

I know this is a lot to ask, but I was wondering if you could give me a approximate plan of all the food and snacks that you eat in a day and for the week. I often wonder whether I am snacking too much or not often enough (which then leads to me bingeing on unhealthy food). I'd appreciate any advice? Thanks in advance.



Question by: Chris

Hi Alex

I read a lot of articles about coffee/caffeine and views seem to differ whether there are benefits to drinking it (in moderation) or  whether caffeine has any nutritional value at all.

Currently I have 1-2 cups a day and never later than mid-afternoon because I do notice the difference it makes to getting a good nights sleep.

What is your take?





Question by: Kim

Hi Alex, Love the new site :) 

Wondering what kind of a diet plan you would recommend having recently been diagnosed with GORD? 

Thanks :) 


Skin Treatments

Question by: Kirby

Hi Alex,

Love your blog! Just wondering if you use the Sukin eye cream and if you recommend any regular skin treatments or suppliments?

Thanks, Kirby


Putting together balanced meals

Question by: Elle

Hi Alex, I love your website! Your approach is so sensible. I'm a very clean eater but have noticed I eat too many calories due to too many good fats and large portion sizes. Id love some guidance on how to put nutritionally balanced meals together that are calorie conscious to some degree also. Thanks heaps



Almond milk & bread

Question by: Selam

Hi Alex, I was just wondering what is your thoughts on Almond Milk and what are the best brands to buy?. There was a period where I was having Almond Milk a lot but stopped as I wasn't sure about it's nutritional value anymore as I'v heard they don't actually use a lot of almonds to make the milk so it put me off using it. The brand I was buying was Australia's Own Organic.

I also wanted to know what bread brand you buy and what type of bread?, I try not to eat bread too much especially if I know I'm having carbs for dinner. When I do have bread I mainly eat wholemeal bread from Helgas or Abbott's Village Bakery but I'm not sure if these are the best brands. 

Thank You. 




Question by: Olivia

Hi Alex.I was wondering if you have any exercises for losing belly fat. I don't have alot but I would like to lose some to tone more.

Thanks Olivia



Question by: Paige

Hey Alex,
loving your website!
my question is on portion sizes for carbs really. How much should one person have for brown rice, white rice, white pasta, wholemeal pasta, quinoa and vermicelle/rice noodles?

Fitness - how often and when?

Question by: Stacey

Hi Alex,

How often should I workout and what time in the day is best to workout?


Studying Nutrition

Question by: Jasmin Austin

Hey Alex, love your website! I've just started studying Nutrional Medicine, any advice? Sometimes I find it really hard but I'm trying to soldier on. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks


Paleo Diet

Question by: Dannielle

Hi Alex, 

Was just wondering what your thoughts were on the Paleo Diet, and if you could give me any advice before I try it out?


Thanks heaps!


Skin care

Question by: Emily Buceto

Hi Alex, I was just wondering what your skin care routine is? I use sukin products and I personally think it's awesome. But I'm not sure if I'm overdoing it or what exactly to use. was just wondering what your opinion was ? 

Thanks :) 


Poached Chicken

Question by: Alyssia

Any tips for perfectly poaching chicken?



Question by: Amy

Hi Alex,

just wondering if you know of a natural skincare brand for oily skin with little to no chemicals?



Blackheads and ingrown hairs

Question by: Natalie

Hi Alex,

whats the best way to get rid of blackheads and ingrown hairs? Is there anything you can recommend. 




Question by: stacey

Hi Alex!


Just wondering what your view is on carbs for dieting.. do you eat them or restrict them?