My Make Up Bag + Best Natural Products

My Make Up Bag + Best Natural Products

on Thursday, 04 June 2015. posted in beauty, lifestyle

I like to use more natural products where I can, especially for foundation and products that go straight onto the skin. I really notice that my skin prefers them compared to brands and products that have more chemicals in them… I have tried and tested many, so below I talk about the best of the best! 

Natural products make my skin stay much clearer of pimples and blackheads, less bumpy, less irritated and less reactive (red). I like to use products that have no perfumes or fragrances, no parabens, are oil free and don’t test on animals - BUT still give a great result. I think that mineral products are the best for every day use. For online links and prices, see the bottom of this article



  • Nude, natural mineral cover. I use the medium skin tone. I have been using this for years. It is a great day time coverage which you can use every day. Very natural looking, and is light on your skin so it can still breathe.  Available at Priceline and most chemists, and very affordable.
  • Inika also do a great mineral powder foundation.


For more coverage like when I have an event or for night time coverage, I will use a liquid foundation and set it with a powder foundation. Try it, it gives great coverage!

  •  Ellis Faas, skin veil.
  • Hourglass, veil. Or for more coverage or oily skin try the immaculate

Both are beautiful foundations, without the nasty irritating chemicals. The veil foundations give a slightly dewy look with moisturising ingredients which nourish and protect the skin.

  • Bareminerals, Bareskin pure brightening foundation is also a great natural foundation.

All these are SPF 15-20, so if I am going to be in the sun I will always wear a liquid foundation or wear sunscreen.

Face sunscreen:

  • QV moisturising day cream SPF 30+

Or any baby/child sunscreen is also a good option (these always have much less crap in them and are suitable for sensitive skin). QV products are suitable for sensitive skin and are low irritant so wont make your skin react. I always get little bumps under my skin when I use a general sunscreen on my face.



  • Nude, mineral bronzer. This is the best bronzer ever! I have also been using this for years. It is the only one I have found that is really natural looking and doesn’t look like you have created dirt patches on your face! It is a really subtle bronzer which blends great. I use it below my cheek bones.
  • Musq also do a nice mineral bronzer, in colour morocco


  • Inika, mineral blush (pictured above with INIKA products) A really natural, great coloured blush that blends beautifully. I use it on the balls of my cheeks.
  • Nars also do a really great blush, colour: orgasm. (for a brighter more illuminating blush)


Not all natural, but my favourite. I have tried many mascaras and this has been my all time favourite. I only use mascara every now and then, or if I am dressing up. This one gives great long lashes, but a really natural look- and it does not clump. I love a dark brown mascara for a more natural look, but the colour that suits you is obviously a personal preference.

  • Lancome, Definicils. High definition mascara. Colour Deep brown.

If you are after a mineral mascara, Inika do one but I have not tried it.


I use: gimme BROW by benefit. The best! It is a tinted gel. So It lightly fills and also shapes, and sets your brows in a nice shape. I use the lighter colour

Eye shadow:

I don’t really wear eye shadow or use deep colours, but Inika have a nice natural shimmer:

  • Inika, mineral eyeshaddow in honeycomb

High light:

I highlight just under my brows and on my upper cheek bones (see graphic below), it really helps to brighten up your look

  • Hourglass, ambient lighting palette


If you have dry or porous skin, try using a primer under your foundation. It will add moisture and fill your open pours so your foundation goes on smoother. But make sure it is a natural one.

  • Inika, truly organic pure primer (pictured in INIKA product picture above)

Under the eye concealer and spot concealer:

This is my secret weapon! I have been using this for years and I love it! I use it under my eyes and to conceal any spots. It is the absolute best! It is great for under the eyes as it is not at all drying, its formula covers, brightens and moistures the delicate area.

  • Ellis Faas, concealer pen. I use colour S202, but you will need to get matched. I get mine from Mecca.

I don’t use coloured lipsitcks so can’t be of much help here. On my lips  I use

  • QV lip balm - as it is SPF30+.
  • Or if they are dry - Dermal lip balm

To sum up- The natural make up brands I love + online links and prices:

Nude- here or available at most chemists

Ellis faas – available here at mecca 

Hourglass – available here at mecca

Inika – online, here

Bareminerals – available here at mecca

Musq – online here

A great graphic on where to apply your bronzer, blush and highlight products!

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