Apple Watch Sport review

Apple Watch Sport review

on Friday, 14 August 2015. posted in lifestyle, fitness

I got an apple watch about two months ago — and I love it. I haven't gone a day without it!

It has been a great motivational tool to move more every day, so I thought I would share why I love it and what it does, in case anyone is thinking of getting a sport watch.

It does your calls, texts, calendar, maps and everything your phone does on the screen of your watch. It is really handy and also easy to use.

But what I really wanted to share here was the Active feature! It counts your daily steps, distance, measures your heart rate and also counts your active and resting calories burnt daily. All from your wrist! (So you can ditch those annoying heart rate body straps.) It is also a great exercise watch giving you a visual picture of your all-day activity. The three rings of the Activity app show your daily progress and motivate you to sit less, move more and do some exercise. Over time, the watch learns your stats and uses your personal information to suggest personalised goals- And it reminds and encourages you to achieve them.

The red Move ring shows how many active calories you’ve burned over the day. The green Exercise ring in the middle shows how many minutes of brisk day to day walking you’ve completed. And the blue Stand ring shows how often you’ve stood up to take a break from sitting. The goal is to complete each ring every day- and its pretty addictive! Has definitely got me moving more.


You can set your red ring goal to the amount of calories you wish to burn a day. But fitness isn’t just about running, cycling or hitting the gym, it’s also about being more active over the whole the day. This watch measures all the ways you move, such as taking the stairs, walking to work, going to the gym, boot camp, walking the dog, doing weights or just playing with the kids. It was surprising and motivating to see how much all the little things added up personally! Like taking the stairs, doing house chores, doing the shopping and walking to the station, it’s rewarding to see on your watch how these little things add up and actually do give you progress.

You close/complete the Move ring when you hit your personal active calorie burn goal for the day. You can also adjust your goal, making it higher or lower, helping to make small improvements and progress each week.


Every person who can should be active for at least thirty minutes a day (recommended daily activity standard). You can do it all at once, or a little bit at a time. Any activity performed at the level of a brisk walk or above is considered exercise. So this watch keeps track of how much you do over each day. Even though I do a work out most days, I really noticed some days (when  working on the computer) I didn’t get out and simply walk around enough. Lunch time is a great time to go for short walk (and complete this ring)!


Bing physically active is important, but it’s also key to not sit at your desk or on the couch all day. Even if you’re active part of the day, sitting for long periods has health risks. It is recommended to stand for at least a minute once every hour. So, to help you reduce your sitting time the watch senses when you stand and move- and gives you credit when you do. If you’ve been sitting for almost an hour, it reminds you to ‘get up!’ by a little tap on the wrist (no annoying beeps, unless you want it to). You complete the Stand ring when you’ve stood up and moved for one minute in 12 different hours during the day. It may sound like a small thing, but sitting less can improve your health in significant ways.

When you are wearing the watch it links up to your phone in an app called Activity. On this app you can see your progress for the day (which is also shown on your watch)

But you can also see more details like a calendar of all your activity progress over the past days/months

The watch also links up with wireless headphones, so I can leave my phone at home and go for a run, playing music through my watch/headphones! 

For more info and availability-> http://www.apple.com/au/watch/

Let me know if you have any questions on the watch below.


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