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Hey Alex, love your website! I've just started studying Nutrional Medicine, any advice? Sometimes I find it really hard but I'm trying to soldier on. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks


I feel you! All that bio-chem, biology, chemistry and micro-biology isn’t exactly what I thought I was signing up for to become a nutritionist! I also found it very hard, and to be honest I sometimes (in chemisty) only JUST passed! I had many, many times where I wanted to give up, but what drove me is that nutrition is my passion, and it was 100% always the direction I wanted to go in. As they say ‘Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life’. If being a nutritionist is your passion also- then stick at it, because its true! I love helping others with their diets and it really doesn’t feel like work.

After my first year I dropped to 3 subjects a semester to make study more manageable with work. It took a year longer to finish but I do not regret this as I found it more enjoyable and also had more time to make money working. One semester when I had my final chem subject I only did 2 subjects, so I was able to spend more time focusing on it to be able to pass it.

Good luck and STICK IT OUT! I know it is hard at times but once you are finished there is NO better feeling, and you have that degree for life! 

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