Skin care


Hi Alex, I was just wondering what your skin care routine is? I use sukin products and I personally think it's awesome. But I'm not sure if I'm overdoing it or what exactly to use. was just wondering what your opinion was ? 

Thanks :) 


I also use sukin! I use the cream cleanser in the morning (a gentle hydrating cleanser), followed by the moisturizer -only if I feel my skin is dry.

Then at night I use the foaming facial cleanser (as it is a deeper clean) and usually leave my skin to breathe for the night with no moisturizer. But if you are feeling dry then the you could use the moisturizer or rose hip oil.

I also use the Revitalising Facial Scrub 3 times a week in the shower for exfoliation. That’s it! It is important not to wash your face too often as it will disturb your natural oils giving you dry or oily skin and making you more prone to break outs, twice a day is enough

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