Putting together balanced meals


Hi Alex, I love your website! Your approach is so sensible. I'm a very clean eater but have noticed I eat too many calories due to too many good fats and large portion sizes. Id love some guidance on how to put nutritionally balanced meals together that are calorie conscious to some degree also. Thanks heaps



Hi there,

Yes this is very common! Eating clean food is great, but every type of food can be overeaten. I’m not sure if you saw my article on ‘healthy fats’ including avocado and nuts!? In terms of balanced meals, I like to have carbs, protein and a small amount of healthy fats at each meal. Which means not too much avocado, going easy on the nuts and oils and choosing lean meats and dairy. I like to balance my lunches and dinners by having roughly half my plate being mixed vegetables or salads, a quarter of my plate being wholesome carbs (rice, quinoa, potato, sweet potato, wraps, wholegrain bread etc) and a quarter of my plate being lean protein (tuna, white fish, chicken breast, kidney beans, lentils, tempe, turkey). If you think about it, a lot of different things can be made up from this combination; stir-fry’s, wraps, sandwiches, salads, roasts, curries, casseroles, fried rice’s, pastas, soups etc. I will use a teaspoon or so of olive oil in the cooking or on top of these meals, or have a little bit of avocado, or cheese/goats cheese, nuts, or add a nice sauce to contribute some healthy fats. Hope this helps!

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