Hi Alex, Love the new site :) 

Wondering what kind of a diet plan you would recommend having recently been diagnosed with GORD? 

Thanks :) 


Hi there,

Considering you have been diagnosed with Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD), it would definitely be more appropriate to get detailed advice and recommendations from your doctor. But from my knowledge it is important to reduce alcohol consumption because it is an irritant to the stomach, and also will increase reflux because it is a muscle relaxant so it will relax the muscles around youoesophagus. I would also eat smaller meals to avoid the amount in your stomach, leading to less reflux. Some foods like coffee, tomatoes (contain natural acids), fried/fatty foods and spicy foods can make GORD worse so when you experience it, really think about what and how you have eaten and try eliminating these things so see if it helps. Also never lay down after eating, so make sure you eat your dinner well before bed time (2-3 hours at least)

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