Hi  Alex

i was wondering what you do for a fitness program

thanks Maddison


Hi there!

A usual week for me is:

Bootcamp on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with Progression Fitness. Doing a mixture of running, strength work, boxing, plyometrics, circuit work, stairs, kettle bell work and more. You can check them out here http://progressionfitness.com.au

I sometimes do a spin class or some weights in a gym on Saturday's.

I have down days on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, but still try to get outside and go for a walk. I sometimes squeeze in some yoga/Pilates/stretching on a down day (Tuesday or Thursday)

I go for a leisurely walk most days with my dog. And usually go for a longer walk (about 45 min or so) on Sunday mornings with the dog, my partner or a friend. 

Everybody is different, this is just what I enjoy to do! Some times I have weeks where I feel energetic and will do the above, but some weeks I may feel sore or tired, so I will listen to my body and adjust my training down a little bit. 



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