Fasted Exercise


Hi Alex,

If you exercise in the morning do you recommend doing so in a fasted state?

What is your routine?

I currently down a potein shake 15min before hand and then have breakfast afterward usually consisting of carbs, protein and plant foods.


Hi there!

It actually just comes down to personal preference. Fasted cardio is a bit of hype, it doesn't change the way your body responds to the exercise. Weight loss is about how much food you consume over the whole day, so it doesn't matter WHEN you eat (if you eat before or after), what matters is HOW much you eat, and WHAT you eat.

If you are talking about muscle gain, then it is preferable to get the right amount of macro-nutrients in (carbs, protein and fat), as it is VERY hard to build muscle if you are not getting enough of these macro-nutrients. Check my article on protein for how much you need to have 


Your routine sounds perfect! Some protein supplement for lean muscle gain is great to have, and a balanced meal afterwards containing carbs protein and plant based foods is great. But if you feel like you would have more energy if you ate before your workout and had the protein after your work out, that would have the same effect, as I said before it is all about personal preference and what and how much you eat opposed to what time you eat.

Hope this helps, let me know if you need clarification! 

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