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Hi Alex, I was just wondering what is your thoughts on Almond Milk and what are the best brands to buy?. There was a period where I was having Almond Milk a lot but stopped as I wasn't sure about it's nutritional value anymore as I'v heard they don't actually use a lot of almonds to make the milk so it put me off using it. The brand I was buying was Australia's Own Organic.

I also wanted to know what bread brand you buy and what type of bread?, I try not to eat bread too much especially if I know I'm having carbs for dinner. When I do have bread I mainly eat wholemeal bread from Helgas or Abbott's Village Bakery but I'm not sure if these are the best brands. 

Thank You. 



Hi There,

I love almond milk! I use it in my oats every morning as I love the taste and adding a lot of normal milk can make the oats quite a heavy meal. I use unsweetened almond milk by Blue Diamond Almond Breeze as it is a lighter option. The one you use is also great! In terms of nutritional value it contains healthy fats which is great, but not as much calcium and protein as normal milk. So it depends on what your goals are, if you enjoy normal/skim milk and are not watching your weight then I think it is a great option with more nutritional value. Try mixing it up! That’s what I do. In terms of bread, you shouldn’t be afraid to eat it. Overeating anything is never a good idea but a couple of pieces of toast or a sandwich is totally fine! As long as you feel okay eating it of course. I like that if you are planning a carb filled dinner you avoid eating too much carbs throughout the day, it is great that you think about your food and plan ahead. Whole meal, grainy breads are the best options as they have more fiber- so the ones you are eating are fine. Freshly baked sourdough breads are great too. I love to buy breads which are freshly baked or are whole meal/wholegrain. 

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