30 minute bike session

30 minute bike session

on Tuesday, 18 November 2014. posted in fitness

A great HIIT bike session

Performed on a stationary spin bike in a gym, or if you have one at home. 3 phases, each phase takes 10 minutes.

-5 minute warm up on a medium resistance

-Phase one:

40 seconds hard ,20 seconds off

x 10 (repeat 10 times)

-Phase two

30 seconds hard, 30 seconds off

x 10 (repeat 10 times)

-Phase three:

20 seconds hard, 40 seconds off

x 10 (repeat 10 times)

This takes 35 minutes to complete including warm up, and you should be dripping sweat afterwards!

**By hard, it means close to your maximum effort. Turn the resistance up a bit and go hard. You should really need the off time to get your breath back. The resistance on the bike should be up hard enough that you’re not hopping around on the seat when you’re sprinting on the bike.  You should obviously be able to go harder in the shorter phases (20sec and 30 sec) than the longer ones, you can even turn the resistance up a little more for the shorter phases.

**By off, it means recovering. Just lightly spinning the legs over, getting your breath back and getting ready to go again

This workout goes really quick and really gets you sweating, give it a go!

You can also shorten it if you need to, only doing x5-8 repeats in each phase.

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