Daily Beauty Regime

Daily Beauty Regime

on Wednesday, 17 December 2014. posted in beauty

Like nutrition, not one beauty regime is going to be the answer for all. But I have been through many stages of trying the ‘best thing’ for my skin, and have become wiser on the topic. I have also learnt that how your skin looks and behaves depends a lot on hormones, genetics and nutrition.

Hormones and genetics we have no control over, so don’t stress about that. Nutrition and hydration does play a part for good skin, and we do have control over that! Stay hydrated. Enjoy 5 or more veggies a day, some fruit, lots of whole foods where possible, try to limit processed sugary/fatty foods & drinks, and only drink alcohol in moderation. For happy skin, I pretty much stick by: Good nutrition, good sleep (8hrs), hygiene and hydration. In terms of hygiene and skin care, here are my recommendations.


Wash your face morning and night, or if you only like to wash it once -make it at night time so your face is clean, and your pores can breathe while you sleep  

Keep it simple. It took me a while to realise, but I really don’t respond well to putting a lot of products on my face. Why do we feel the need to over-do everything!? Less is best. If I have makeup on, I take it off (products used listed below), I wash my face with a natural cleanser, then I lightly moisturise if I feel like I need to.

Exfoliate about 2 times a week, so every third day or so. Just to clear dead skin, and unclog pores - don’t use any that are too harsh, and don’t scrub too hard (try to avoid products with ‘microbeads’, see what I use below)

I don’t like to make a set routine of products I use. I look at my skin after I wash it and use what I think is suitable. If my skin is feeling a little oily, I won’t put moisturiser on, but if it is looking normal or a bit dry, I will.

I also use a tiny bit of rosehip oil every second day or so on any: scars, dry/rough patches, and around the outer side of my eyes (crows-feet area). If your skin is feeling dehydrated, apply a small amount of rosehip oil over the affected areas before bed (first obviously make sure you are hydrated and drinking enough water).

Pimple treatment will be another article, stay tuned.


Don’t use too many products! Especially chemical ones. I would not recommend using more than one chemical or acne product in your daily regime, whether it be a cleanser or a treatment. Some people find it fine for their skin, but if you notice your skin is dry and flaky from using them, then I would stop. Because when your skin is dry, or when you are using too many chemical products, your skin will produce even more oil to try and resolve what the products are doing. And this can cause blocked pores and more breakouts/blackheads.

Do NOT scrub your face too hard. I used to exfoliate my face too often (and too hard!), and after washing my face I would scrub it dry with a towel, thinking I was doing good getting all the excess skin off! After speaking with dermatologists, I found this was a big mistake. You should only exfoliate about 2 times a week, and you should GENTLEY pat dry your face after washing. Scrubbing your face too hard again results in over-production of oil as it makes the skin dry and irritated, which can make you more breakout prone. Your face has fragile skin, treat it nicely!

Want more beauty info? Coming up soon is:

  • The best Natural make-up products
  • The best way to treat pimples

The products I recommend and use:


I have used this brand for many years! Available in most chemists, all natural ingredients, very affordable around $10 per item. They offer a great, light moisturiser



kosmea.com.au/products/ natural skin care, has been around for 20 years and gives great results. Great for the person changing from harsher products to natural ones.  Products range from $10-$ 39.95



musq.com.au, natural ingredients, the smell of the products are unbelievable. They also have a great natural makeup range (makeup article coming soon) products range from $30- $40


Bioderma Crealine H2O Cleanser & Make Up Remover:

The BEST makeup remover I would ever suggest. It is so gentle yet is the most effective make up remover I have ever used. It even gets the heavy eye makeup off, and is so gentle on the sensitive eye skin area. Make up artists I work with used to import it, and I used to make them order me some too! But it is now available in all Priceline’s and Amcal chemists.


Around $25-30 for 250mL

So remember- happy, healthy looking skin = Good nutrition, good sleep (around 8hrs), hygiene and hydration 

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  • Benjamin

    16 February 2015 at 07:36 |
    Hey Alex :)
    Are you able to share what products you get Scott to use for his skin. Does he use the same as you?
    Thank you
    • Alex Davis

      18 February 2015 at 17:30 |
      Hi, yes we use the same products. We use sukin, QV or mostly natural products.

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